Lyte Medical Establishes First National Telemedicine Association in Canada

Lyte Medical Calls on Industry, Government, and Patient Stakeholders to Join and Build the Telemedicine Association of Canada

TORONTO, May 18, 2021 /CNW/ – Lyte Medical (‘Lyte’), a leading Canadian virtual medical clinic, is proud to announce the launch of a first-of-its-kind Canadian Telehealth Association, the Telemedicine Association of Canada (‘TAC’ or ‘Association’), which is open to patients, provincial health authorities and other areas of government, hospitals, clinics, doctors, and medical professionals alike.

The global pandemic has exposed weaknesses in the provision of safe and effective healthcare around the world. In Canada, only 0.15% of billable medical services were conducted virtually prior to the pandemic. The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) found that 47% of Canadians have used “virtual care” during the pandemic, with 91% claiming to be satisfied with the experience they received. According to the Canadian Attitudes on Healthcare and Telemedicine Report, 70% of Canadians believe telehealth represents the future.

“Canada has been historically slow in the adoption of new medical technologies and therapies. One silver lining of this global event has been the uptake and endorsement of telehealth by everyday Canadians” says Ali Mohamed, CEO of Lyte and Founder of the TAC. “We want to ensure that advances and innovations in the Telemedicine domain are delivered safely, securely, reliably, and promptly to all Canadians.”

The TAC is leading the conversation about digital technology’s potential to transform not only Canada’s healthcare system, but also accessibility to every Canadian family – to a level they’ve come to expect and deserve. The Association is committed to reviewing, assessing and conquering barriers to the widespread adoption of virtual care from coast to coast.

Parties interested in supporting the foundation and growth of the TAC are welcomed to contact the Association at

About the Telemedicine Association of Canada

The Telemedicine Association of Canada has a mission to advise, support and fulfill the needs of member physicians and clinics in the Canadian telemedicine space. With an accomplished multidisciplinary team of experts, the association will guide members to industry best-practices, along with assistance in adaptation to individual and association needs, in terms of telehealth operation, technology or platforms. For more information, visit the TAC website and follow on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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