How to Get an Online Doctor’s Prescription

With everything you can do online — from catching up with friends to putting in a solid day of work — most people still think they have to schedule an appointment and take a day out of their lives to visit with their doctor.

With telemedicine, the next big shift in personalized healthcare, you don’t.

Forget about syncing up your schedule with your doctor’s office, arranging for childcare or an afternoon off from work, driving, parking and walking to your appointment, then capping it all off with a lengthy wait in the waiting room — and that’s before they call you back and ask you to wait some more. When it’s all said and done, you’ve likely spent hours on a five-minute visit with your doctor just to get a simple prescription refill.

But when you take advantage of telemedicine, an online doctor’s prescription is just moments away, and you can wait in the comfort of home, not in traffic or some dusty waiting room. Also known as an e-prescription, online doctor prescriptions are the best way to get the medicine you need without all the fuss.

It’s convenient.

By far the number one reason that patients cite when choosing telemedicine is convenience. Whether you’ve come down with a viral bug and need a round of antibiotics or it’s simply time for a prescription refill and you’d rather not spend your day at the doctor’s office, telemedicine is a great way to skip the wait while still getting the care and the medicine you need. For those that can’t take time off of work or school or have children at home, a virtual doctor’s visit allows you to minimize the disruption to your day.


It’s accessible.

While the history of telemedicine has its roots in primary care and specialist treatments, telemedicine today can be used for all sorts of routine treatments and care. From chronic conditions to behavioral health, telemedicine isn’t some lesser version of the care you’ve come to rely upon — it’s the same care, and you can get the same medicine that you need from an online visit as an in-person one. Furthermore, because telemedicine can connect patients and doctors regardless of where they happen to be, it’s much easier to find a doctor that has the time for you.

 It’s easy.

With our easy-to-use app and website, creating an account, booking an appointment or seeing your doctor is no more complicated than jumping online to chat with a friend. Just schedule an appointment and when the time comes simply grab your phone or laptop and enjoy the freedom of telemedicine. There’ll be a board-certified doctor or qualified nurse on the other end, and it works just like a regular visit.

No matter what ails you, telemedicine is the best way to get the medicine and care you need without the annoyance of a lengthy, in-person visit. Everything from managing a cold to behavioral health is possible with telemedicine, and  online doctor’s prescriptions are just a quick video consultation away. Schedule a meeting today and get the medicine you need minus the fuss.