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We understand that life is busy, and traditional healthcare can be time-consuming. That’s why we’ve redefined the healthcare experience, bringing top-notch medical expertise right to your fingertips. Connect with a Canadian doctor, get prescriptions, and handle your health needs without leaving your home.

What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a type of technology that allows you to meet “virtually” with a physician or specialist without needing to go to a traditional brick-and-mortar clinic. Telemedicine is a well-established practice in the medical community.

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Through our secure online platform, you'll be able to engage in a virtual consultation with a healthcare professional who understands your needs and is ready to provide personalized care and support.

Personalized care at your fingertips

At Lyte Medical, our ultimate goal is your well-being. Whether you require a prescription for medication or a referral to a specialist for further evaluation, our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the best possible care.

Benefits of an Online Doctor Visit

Telemedicine is an umbrella term that refers to communication between you, your doctor, and other healthcare professionals. It can include video chats, phone calls, emails and text messages, and communication may take place on your computer, tablet or phone. 

With telemedicine all you need is an internet connection and a phone, tablet or computer, and you can start receiving care in the privacy of your home. If you live in a rural area, have limited mobility or need medical care while you’re away from home, telemedicine is an excellent way to get the care you need.

Ability to schedule appointments at your convenience

Reduced risk of contracting illnesses or passing illnesses to other patients

Meet with the doctor anywhere you have a good connection for your mobile device

Frequently Asked Questions

Our online doctors in Canada can treat many conditions. From the comfort of your home, you can also book a visit with specialists, including mental health, dermatology and paediatric primary care.
Lyte Medical is a free Canadian telemedicine platform. We connect Canadian patients with qualified and caring doctors from the comfort of their own homes.
Yes! No hidden costs here. Lyte Medical is covered by Canadian health care. *Costs may be associated with prescriptions, doctors notes and forms.
Booking an appointment with a Lyte Medical doctor is easy. After completing a quick patient intake form, you can schedule an appointment online at your convenience. The doctor will call you at your requested time.
At your scheduled appointment time, your chosen doctor will call you. Please make sure you are in a quiet area to get the most out of your appointment. Visits with our doctors are very similar to what you experience at a doctors office. Your virtual doctor will listen to your concerns and discuss treatments and solutions with you.
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