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What Is

Telemedicine is a type of technology that allows you to meet “virtually” with a physician or specialist without needing to go to a traditional brick-and-mortar clinic. Telemedicine is a well-established practice in the medical community.

Excellent Quality of Care With Telehealth Practitioners

Lyte Medical understands that some people may be skeptical about transitioning from traditional in-person visits with a doctor to an online platform. However, today’s technology supports the online doctor visit while maintaining and improving patient health outcomes. Telemedicine services have been used for many years and are proven to be successful for a variety of medical needs. The Lyte Medical platform for telehealth services is easy to use from any mobile device. An online doctor visit typically takes less time than visiting the practice.

Services Available From a Telehealth Practitioner

With the Lyte Medical platform, patients have access to almost every type of service that’s traditionally available through in-person visits. The online doctor visit is managed in much the same way. The doctor can review vital signs, symptoms, current medications, notes from specialists, and lab results. Prescription management is integrated into the Lyte Medical platform.

You can also use the platform for:


  • Acute, chronic, and routine care
  • Management of chronic pain, sports injuries, mental health, and more
  • Services for men and women
  • Acute, chronic, and Referrals to specialty careroutine care

Benefits of an
Online Doctor Visit

The Lyte Medical telemedicine practitioner platform is not only convenient, but it can also help your doctor better understand your current health status. Each time that you visit your doctor, vital signs are taken, such as temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation.

Most people are anxious when they visit a doctor’s office, so these tests indicate higher than normal values. With the Lyte Medical platform, you simply relax at home while you take your own vitals and report them to the doctor during the virtual visit.

Other benefits of a virtual doctor visit are:


  • Reduced risk of contracting illnesses or passing illnesses to other patients
  • Ability to schedule appointments at your convenience
  • Meet with the doctor anywhere you have a good connection for your mobile device
  • One-on-one attention from a telemedicine practitioner