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Lyte Medical and The Health Depot Pharmacy partner in groundbreaking collaboration to bring medical care and medical prescriptions directly to Canadian homes

TORONTO, July 15, 2020 /CNW/ – The Health Depot Pharmacy and Lyte Medical are pleased to announce their patient-centered online partnership; a venture that will help Canadians access medical care and prescriptions from the comfort and safety of their homes.

As Canadians adjust to a new reality and work to establish new daily routines; consistent access to healthcare and medications takes on even more importance. Virtual and direct-to-door prescription delivery are a necessity in meeting patients where they are.

According to the Canadian Radiotelevision and Telecommunications Commission, nationally, 86% of Canadian households have access to high speed internet. This online access presents health care practitioners and pharmacists with an opportunity to connect with patients remotely and remove some of the barriers to continuity of care including wait times, transportation, and scheduling.

In February 2020, The Canadian Medical Association, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the College of Family Physicians of Canada released a report on the future of virtual care in Canada. They emphasized the importance of prioritizing quality-based virtual care that truly respects the needs of Canadians.

“As a registered pharmacist since 2011, I have witnessed the evolution of health care in Canada. The Health Depot Pharmacy’s partnership with Lyte Medical will allow Ontarians to see a physician and access their prescribed medications in a timely fashion”, says Andy Donald, Founder & CEO of The Health Depot Pharmacy. “Our unique pharmacy services and approach allows necessary medications to be delivered promptly to those who rely on them, wherever and whenever they need them.”

The Health Depot makes the pharmacy and healthcare shopping experience simple for all Ontarians. Their healthcare e-commerce store has thousands of health essentials available for online purchase and delivery, which can be shipped together with prescriptions for free. Their Daily Dose Packs allow for an easy approach for patients who are taking multiple medications to have a simple, one daily packet approach, which is particularly helpful to seniors, caregivers, chronically ill, and individuals with special needs among others.

“Our forward thinking partnership with The Health Depot Pharmacy creates unprecedented access to a seamless virtual care experience. Canadians need medical care and medications in ways that accommodate their life circumstances”, Ali Mohamed, CEO of Lyte Medical says. “Lyte Medical’s virtual platform allows patients to speak to a doctor from the comfort of their own home and obtain their prescribed medications and health products online from The Health Depot Pharmacy, next day for free anywhere in Ontario with direct to door delivery.”

Lyte Medical’s patient friendly website makes connecting with a physician simple and easy. Lyte’s comprehensive services include primary care, specialist referrals, mental health support, chronic pain treatment, and acute care. Patients will no longer have to take a day off from work, make childcare arrangements, or wait in line for their prescriptions, and for those living in rural areas, or vacationing at the cottage, The Health Depot and Lyte Medical will bring healthcare to Canadians at home, wherever that may be.

About The Health Depot Pharmacy

The Health Depot Pharmacy, founded in 2019 by Andy Donald was created in order to simplify the prescription experience. Their mission is to make the pharmacy experience simple, offering a seamless approach to getting prescriptions filled, and refilled in order to keep individuals safe, and healthy. Their free delivery, real-time access to customers’ medication through PharmaConnect, low dispensing fee, and passion for ensuring their customers have the proper medication at the right time, continues to set them apart. Their team of Pharmacist Specialists (Certified Respiratory & Diabetes Educators and Certified Geriatric Pharmacists) are always happy to help and can even personalize medications to the individual. The Health Depot Pharmacy is where patient health always comes first!

Their online health store, The Health Depot, carries thousands of health essentials, over-the-counter items and home healthcare products where customers can shop online and have them delivered straight to their doorstep, with free delivery anywhere in Ontario when shipped with their prescriptions or on all orders of $50 or more.

To learn more visit: www.thehealthdepot.caTwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagram.

About Lyte Medical

Lyte Medical was founded in 2017.  It has quickly become one of Canada’s leading virtual medical clinics. With its cutting edge platform, Lyte Medical is able to see patients across 9 provinces. Covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan(OHIP), this gives Lyte the ability to allow patients access to a variety of medical services. Helping over 5000 patients annually, Lyte Medical brings healthcare online, and in home. Lyte Medical sees patients from the most remote places in Canada through their virtual clinic platforms. This allows them to become a leader in connecting rural parts of Canada to doctors and helping them gain access to physician support without the travel, or the wait. You can visit Lyte Medical online, or on InstagramFacebookTwitter and LinkedIn, and see our blog here.

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