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Leaving Canada, as a traveller or if you’re moving, can come along with some stress and the anxiety of unknown possibilities—accessing online doctor’s appointments might help. We cover ourselves by purchasing travel insurance before we leave to extend the health coverage afforded to us by provincial plans at home. While insurance covers the costs while we’re abroad, there may be other hurdles encountered when accessing healthcare: language, customs, quality, and more. 

When you’re outside of the country, it may be a challenge to simply find a doctor, let alone a family doctor accepting new patients. This usually leads to a visit to an emergency room or urgent care facility, in a country that may speak a different language or view outsiders with prejudice. For an ailment or concern that requires only a consultation, or to answer a few questions, this obstacle can feel insurmountable. Fortunately, with Lyte Medical, you can get an online doctor’s appointment that you can attend virtually. 

Get an online doctor’s appointment, anywhere you are

Before you head to Google and search for a “family doctor near me” when you’re travelling outside of Canada, consider Lyte Medical. If you’re covered by a provincial healthcare plan in Canada, you have access to a doctor anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Like any visit to a doctor in Canada, our consultations are free of charge and fully confidential.

Even if you have moved from Canada, and are setting up a new life abroad, you may still be covered. Many provincial health plans provide coverage up to six months after your departure and may entitle you to free online doctor’s appointments with Lyte Medical. Canadians have many options to access a doctor nearby, especially when they have the power of technology on their side.

The cameras and microphones on your phone can provide our doctors with all the information they need to provide insights and diagnoses on your ailments and concerns. If your symptoms are not cause for urgent concern, you can seamlessly access medical services from the comfort of wherever you are.

Canadian Healthcare online, around the world

If you’re a travelling Canadian, you are still connected to the Canadian healthcare network that’s known around the world. Insurance can cover costs, but there are alternatives when you want to avoid urgent care facilities and other hurdles. Connecting to Lyte Medical is like making an appointment with a doctor at home: they have access to Canadian medical records, they speak your language, and they can provide direction that you’re used to. Even if you are visiting a medical professional from another country, Lyte Medical can provide insight and assistance, along with a second opinion.

When moving to another country, bringing your medical records with you is not as seamless as it should be. Lyte Medical can assist in the transfer of your medical history, to ensure you receive the best care in your new country of residence. Depending on provincial coverage, they can also provide a transition period in care if you require frequent doctor interaction, or if you have a chronic illness.

Online Doctor’s Appointments Internationally

If you’re outside of Canada only temporarily, know your options before running to find a doctor nearby. As long as you have a smartphone or computer, you can access a medical professional wherever you are. You can skip the research to find an online doctor, reviews and feedback on the web don’t always indicate the level of care. You can connect with a doctor online and attend an online doctor’s appointment today, so we suggest you don’t delay. If you want to access Canadian healthcare, whether in another country or at home, let Lyte Medical make the connection.

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