How to Get My Medical Records Online

July 7, 2020 Charly Ly

What Are Online Medical Records?

Medical records online or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are secure and private records of your health background or telehealth history, vaccination and allergy information, and more. All health care teams can have easy access to it anywhere anytime if they are connected to lytemedical system.If doctors get misleading information which can lead to serious harm and even death.Hence, the widespread use of medical records online can improve healthcare in Canada .

How to Find Old Medical Records Online in Canada?

If you ask “how I access my medical records” the answer is pretty straight forward, our system enables doctors and patients to obtain a copy of a medical record of patients. It’s a good idea for your medical history which will lead to better patient care. logging into their health records online

Sometimes patients are oblivious to sharing correct information to clinic notes for example mental health and addiction issues. Misunderstanding is another concern for patients when they see the hard copy of their lap results in comparison with EMR since they have access to doctors’ comments alongside their results. Even a child would understand what the tests mean

Aside from reducing paper, Lytemedical offers many other benefits:
Improved quality of treatment by getting medical records Canada
Better organization and access to information
Reduction in time
Ease of access to information and it is available electronically to authorized health care providers You can request your health records, imaging, and lab tests, doctors’ notes
Retrieve and share your health records
Request your records anywhere
Share your health record
Reduce serious medical error

Another supporting reason for EMR is in an emergency situation when an injured person can not recall their medical history so having medical records at the doctor’s fingertips has helped a lot.

In conclusion, online Ontario medical records will have a more complete picture of your health history and will enhance the clinical experience by coordinating care between clinicians as patients. We make it easy for health care providers by connecting and making significant progress for you and your family in the Lytemedical team.

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