5 Benefits of an Online Doctor’s Visit

Technological innovations have transformed our world, shifting nearly every product and service online. In the digitally-dominated age, we can do almost everything virtually, from shopping to entertaining, even consulting with, talking to or visiting with a psychiatrist or doctor online. For some reason, maintaining your health through telemedicine isn’t as widespread as expected. Considering its life-changing benefits, here are some reasons to take your health digital. Sign up for an online doctor’s visit through Lyte Medical and get the healthcare you need from home. 

1. 24/7 Consultation from the Convenience of Your Home

Telemedicine was invented to increase healthcare access in rural regions. It has now progressed to encompass an array of healthcare services that are available at the click of a button. From wherever you are, telemedicine makes prompt and 24/7 medical care a reality.

Busy executives, differently-abled, or senior patients with mobility issues can seek medical assistance or get a doctor’s note online, from the comfort of their homes. Telehealth practitioners offer remote medical guidance, eliminating the need for travel and all the inconveniences that come with it. Most importantly, this increases healthcare and doctor accessibility.

2. Quality Care and Patient Engagement

Telemedicine removes not only physical boundaries but also offers the same quality of care and patient engagement, when compared to in-person visits. Patients can take advantage of different aspects of telemedicine to treat a variety of health issues. In addition, they can connect with their telehealth practitioners more frequently and ask more questions, which may be limited or restricted in a clinical visit.

Patients can use telemedicine equipment or apps to monitor their vitals and other metrics, increasing the knowledge of their health status. Better awareness makes patients more invested in any health plan, increasing the likelihood of following the recommended treatments.

3. Affordable Online Doctor’s Consultations

Aside from time and effort, telemedicine can also help save money. It removes all the expenses that would have otherwise accompanied a fully-covered consultation. An online ‘visit’ is a win-win for everyone: time-effective for doctors, and both time- and cost-effective for patients. Lyte Medical provides the same coverage from provincial health plans that provide free doctor appointments.

Telemedicine’s convenience and affordability makes it feasible for patients to even opt for routine consultations, seek advice for uncertain conditions, or simply follow-up several times with their telehealth practitioners over the course of a long-term treatment.

4. Security and Anonymity of Telehealth

Telemedicine is practiced over a safe and secure server, protecting patient confidentiality and abiding by all the same laws that keep your information safe at a clinic or hospital.

Further, a virtual, online doctor’s visit offers anonymity, giving patients the confidence to seek guidance on embarrassing medical symptoms without feeling uncomfortable. While you should feel comfortable speaking with your general practitioner about anything, this isn’t always the case. In almost all situations, talking about symptoms as early as possible will minimize complications. That is to say, telehealth provides the ability to securely connect with a doctor while maintaining your privacy

5. Increased Access to Online Doctor’s and Specialists

Setting up an in-person appointment for a specialist may take forever, given their high demand. This is yet another example where online healthcare visits beat in-person care. For example, niche medical specialists can offer expert online advice, from anywhere in the world.

This can be life-saving particularly in cases of severe or rare medical conditions that require immediate attention. Meanwhile, even your doctor can seek assistance on a case by transferring medical records online to their specialist colleagues, increasing the reach of specialized care. 

With rapid technological advances in telemedicine, online consultations have and will continue to become more widespread. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of one, you can schedule a visit now with one of Lyte’s health practitioners and receive prompt medical guidance, at your convenience.

Learn more by connecting with our Lyte Medical staff.

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