Lyte Medical CEO Ali Mohamad on The Mike Farwell Show

Apr 13, 2021

Lyte Medical’s CEO Ali Mohamad appears on The Mike Farwell Show to discuss our telehealth healthcare solutions provided through our virtual platform.

Based in Kitchener, Ontario Canada: The Mike Farwell show covers local, national and international stories with Mike’s unique perspective and your phone calls. 

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Lyte Medical CEO Ali Mohamad on iHeart Radio

Telehealth and virtual healthcare solutions are provided through online health services like our partnership with The Health Depot

Telemedicine use is rising amid COVID-19 pandemic. Will it become the norm?

“I think the pandemic showed us how valuable technology in the healthcare space can be,” Ali Mohamed, Telemedicine Association of Canada

Patient-Centered Partnership

Lyte Medical and The Health Depot Pharmacy partner to bring medical care and medical prescriptions directly to Canadian homes