How to Get a Doctors Note Online

If you need to get a doctor’s note online, Lyte Medical can help you so that you can protect your health and recover from injury or illness.

How to Get a Doctor's
Note Online

If you have a long-term illness or disability or you have a health concern that limits your ability to work in the office — or maybe you feel you might be coming down with something — you need a doctor’s note. Offline, there are many ways to procure a doctor’s note that will allow you to work from home. Sure, you can ask your doctor or health care professional to provide you with a note for your employer, but if their office is closed or you’d rather skip the wait and in-person visit for the convenience of a doctor’s note online, you may be able to get that crucial doctor’s note without seeing a doctor in person.

We get it. Setting up an appointment, traveling to a doctor’s office and obtaining an in-person note can be a bit much, especially if you’re not feeling your best. If only you could get a doctor’s note online, you’d be able to skip the fuss and obtain a document that will help you convey your illness to an employer, an educator or anyone else. 


Known as a doctor’s note or doctor’s excuse, these coveted documents are simply a piece of paper that proves you had a doctor’s visit. It’s a legal document produced by either your doctor or the administration office that confirms your appointment, and it can alleviate your existing work or school commitments. Whether it’s a long-term issue or you’re presenting symptoms and you’d rather not visit your doctor, a doctor’s note can justify an absence at work, as well as helping you build your health case to your employer, who may need more than just your word.


A burgeoning aspect of telemedicine, an online doctor’s note can be obtained with nothing more than an internet connection and a phone, tablet or computer. Scheduling a quick video chat with a certified health professional takes just minutes, and during your call you can securely discuss your symptoms before you receive a diagnosis. In addition to a doctor’s note, you may also receive prescriptions or a treatment plan, which may help you better manage your illness at home.

While doctor’s notes are most common for contagious illnesses such as the cold or flu, as well as stomach viruses, you can also get a doctor’s note for invisible illnesses that may need extra documentation if you’re looking to extend a work-from-home opportunity or you’ve run out of sick days. Different companies and states have different rules for when a doctor’s note is needed, but when in doubt, it’s easy enough to get a doctor’s note online without missing a beat in your busy schedule.


If you are ill, were injured, have a medical appointment or have a diagnosed medical condition, a doctor’s note can help alleviate concerns at work, as well as make it easier to take time off in the future. The doctor’s note will verify your visit, recommend a length of absence and define special accommodations you may need when you return. The good thing is that anyone can get a doctor’s note online with a quick, telemedicine appointment, so if you’re in need of a note to explain a limited or extended leave, a legitimate doctor’s note is just a quick chat away.